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From the Troops                                                                                      

Hello Mrs. Dickson,
Thank you so much for taking time to speak with me regarding my move and current needs. I am providing you with the information you requested regarding the Security Deposit for my rent.
Security Deposit amount: $900.00
It is great to know that there ARE organizations and programs available to assist Veterans and Soldiers in their time of need. If there is anything else I need to provide, please let me know.
Again, thank you for your time and patience with me in this matter!


Senders name has been removed to protect their privacy.  


Letter sent April 2013



Hi Cindy –        


I received your email.  The balls and pumps are very much appreciated.  The Language Arts Center will be distributing them to the children they have enrolled in their program.  I have forwarded your request to the director for pictures of the children using the soccer balls.  I do know that they are a bit skiddish when it comes to photographing the children, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


Again, thank you for your generosity.





Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan

September 2012



Dear Suffolk County Homefront


I cannot thank you enough for the amazing package you sent me!  Honestly, it was VERY well received - my tent-mates were excited to get new movies that we havent watched yet, and the snacks didn't hurt either!  It really was thoughtful of you; so Thank You!


I applaud your efforts with Suffolk County Homefront - I cannot imagine how many military members whose lives you have made better while deployed...  I feel a little guilty for getting such a great package - I really dont have it that bad where I am at... You are right though, I cannot wait to get home to my wife and baby.


Again, thank you for all you do for the folks deployed, and please let me know if I can do anything for you!


Lt. Col. Michael McDermott


July 25, 2012



Dear Suffolk County Homefront,


I just wanted to thank everyone for the support you guys have given us crew members on board the USS Arleigh Burke. Your support helped us through our deployment, and now our deployment it is coming to an end. Thank you. 




QM2(SW) Rooney, Brian D. USN








First I'd like to apologize for the delay of this email. 
Anyhow thank you all very much for your generosity for the gift card and phone cards it was very uplifting knowing there are people at home who are looking out for my well being.
In addition I would like to send along my best wishes to all parties included in your amazing organization. Keep up the wonderful work, you all are doing the best one could ask for.


Spc. Thomas Butler



Dear Cindy,

My name is Carl Vultaggio. I was recently home for two weeks on leave from my second tour in Iraq and received an envelope from my neighbor and friend, Sam Cila. Inside was a letter from you about your organization, a phone card and a very generous gift card. I just wanted to express how much I appreciate what you do, and thank you for your kindness and support. People like yourself make these deployments easier for soldiers and their families. I salute you.

Thank you again,

Carl (February 22, 2009)



I wanted to ensure that I wrote a quick "THANK YOU" to let you know how much your support means to us! Since you have been doing this for some time now you all ready know how much mail and care packages mean to the Soldiers. My Soldiers are very grateful to receive such a package and I

want to thank you for bringing smiles to their faces! I also want to personally thank you for receiving some "love" from Long Island. We receive care packages from around the United States, mostly from Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and yes the UK. With the military keeping me from the place I love to call home, Long Island, New York, for 10 years now it is brings a smile to my face to receive something from there! For whatever reason, even with 9/11, Soldiers feel like New Yorkers love their NYPD and FDNY but do not voice their love for Soldiers as much. Receiving something from you brings my New Yorkers and me a feeling of home and a sense of pride. Thank you again!

Very Respectfully,

CPT Geoffrey Costa
Detachment OIC
Alpha Battery, 2-5th Field Artillery
Joint Base Balad (DECEMBER 20, 2008)


We received the fleece caps. I wanted to thank you again for everything. Please convey our appreciation to all involved. Everything you do helps us cope with being deployed so far from home.

Thanks, MSgt Dom DeLorenzo 376 AEW/ESFS
(October 20, 2008)


The lights arrived when I was gone and I told my Platoon Sergeant that they would be coming. They have been deployed and are being used in our 2 towers and at the front gate. They are a huge help in confirming what is around us at night if there is anything suspicious. Again, I greatly appreciate Suffolk County Homefront,Inc. getting those for us.

Thank you for all that you are doing from all of the guys here at SECFOR-C 1st Platoon.

I will try and keep you updated as time goes on. Enjoy your weekend and God Bless.

Very Respectfully,
1LT Andrew P Andrews
Platoon Leader
Camp Hughie
Jalalabad, Afghanistan
(September 5, 2008)

I've attached a picture of my Platoon Sergeant (SSG Boyle) and myself at a Humanitarian Aide Mission Recon we did last month. This way you can put a face to the name.



My husband and I enjoyed meeting all of you and cannot express how grateful we are that your organization is supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces. I look forward to working with you and your organization. Keep up the GREAT work!! Military FAMILIES appreciate all that you do to support their service members. "THANK YOU", again!!!

Warmest Regards,
Lisa D’Agostino
106th Rescue Wing  - Wing Family Program Coordinator
(June 30, 2008)


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